What Is An Intraoral Camera?

What Is An Intraoral Camera And How Does It Work?

The intraoral camera was introduced to the dental industry in 1989. Today over 80,000 dental offices use this handy instrument.

A dentist using an intraoral camera, showing her patient what's going on in her mouth.The intraoral camera, also known as IOC is a small video camera that takes an X-Ray of the outside of your gum or tooth. As you can see by the picture on the left, the intraoral camera is not very big. Because of it’s size your dentist can shift it around your mouth and take pictures at different angles, thus allowing your dentist to have a better idea as to your diagnosis.

An intraoral camera also allows you, the patient, to see exactly what’s going on in your own mouth. This is because when your dentist is using an intraoral camera you can see what the camera sees on a monitor.

So if your in search of a new dentist, I would make sure they use an intraoral camera so you can get a better diagnosis of what’s going on in your mouth.