The Autoclave at Work

Have you ever gone in for a dental visit and wondered, how clean are the instruments? I know I have. Let’s face it, the instruments their sticking in your mouth, at some point was in someone else’s mouth. Now I don’t even like to think about that! But it got me wondering, how do they get the instruments clean?

Meet The Autoclave Machine

Autoclave machineMeet the what? Yep that’s right, the Autoclave. What exactly is the Autoclave? It’s a pressure chamber that’s used to sterilize dental instruments. It looks like a square, typically metal, box and it has shelves inside. See the picture on the left? That’s an Autoclave machine.

Now the question is, how does this square metal box get the instruments clean? Well, once you’ve placed the instruments inside, they are exposed to very high temperature steam. Usually this steam reaches about 270 degrees Fahrenheit and stays there for about 20 minutes. Now that’s hot! This hot steam will kill germs that normal detergent or even boiling water could not kill.

Now that’s just a quick overview of an Autoclave machine. If you would like to know more detail about how the machine works, you can visit


Doesn’t that just give you peace of mind knowing how clean the instruments are? I know it does for me. Now when I go to my next dental visit instead of thinking about how clean the instruments are, I’ll think about how long they’re going to be poking around my mouth. If only they had a machine for that.

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