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Teeth Whitening In 20 Minutes With Sinsational Smile!

Sinsational Smile is fast, easy, comfortable and affordable!

Lady smiling showing white teeth from using Sinsational Smile. We offer 20 minute in-office teeth whitening at our Englewood Co dental officeReady to get the brighter, whiter smile you deserve? Having whiter teeth not only enhances your smile but also gives you a smile you can be proud of and makes you feel more confident. And it can make you look younger! Now you can accomplish all this in only 20 minutes!

Sinsational Smile teeth whitening uses a LED accelerating light that activates the whitening ingredients in the gel, enabling you to receive a brighter, whiter smile in only 20 minutes.  The pre-filled tray allows your jaw to remain relaxed for the duration of the This picture shows the mouth trays you will use with Sinsational Smile. They are clear and fit over your teeth. We offer teeth whitening at our Englewood Co dental office.20 minute procedure. In addition to your in-office 20 minute teeth whitening procedure, you will receive a take-home maintenance pen that will help lengthen your brighter smile.

How many teeth whitening treatments will you need?

This can vary depending on the color preference and your individual needs. Most people notice a big difference after just one treatment; however, additional treatments could be necessary to achieve the brighter whiter smile you desire. You can also schedule repeated treatments to maintain and rejuvenate your smile.

How long will the results last?

Whitening durations can vary for each person. This is because certain foods and drinks can affect the longevity. Other factors can play a role as well, for example, if you smoke or use other forms of tobacco the length of the whitening may not be as long as those who don’t. Also, age and certain medications can have an effect as well.

When you get your teeth whitened with Sinsational Smile you will also receive a take home pen of bleach. This picture shows the take home pen is the size of a regular writing pen, full of bleach with an applicator on the end.If you regularly use the take-home whitening pen it can really help prolong a whiter brighter smile. The easy to use take-home pen can be used anywhere and only takes a couple of minutes!

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