Guard Your Night Guards!

Dog chewing night guard. Englewood Detnists

Are you the proud owner of a night guard, retainer or Invisalign trays? No doubt you paid good money for that little device, so I’m going to give you a word of advice. Make sure you keep them away from your dog!

Because these devices go in our mouths, they smell like our breath. Because of this, dogs are naturally drawn to them. In fact they are drawn to them so much so that they will go to great lengths to find them. Even if you keep it on your night stand in a case, that is no match for fido. It will become, officially the most expensive dog chew you have ever bought. We recommend putting it in it’s case and storing it in a safe place, like your medicine cabinet.

Did you know that by far the majority of the time that we have to remake one of these devices is because the dog found it and had way more fun with it then you ever have?