Dental Symptom Checker

Check Dental Symptoms Online

Tooth Pain Englewood dentistsIt happens all too often. You’re sitting there and all of a sudden you feel it. There’s a slight pain in one of your teeth. Or maybe you drink something cold or hot, and your tooth bothers you a little bit. Or you notice your gums are bright red and tender. What could it be? Do I need to go to the dentist?

We have probably all had times where we wondered if it’s no big deal or do I go to the dentist. Don’t you wish you could hop online put your symptoms in and poof, there’s an answer as to what it could be?

Now you can! The ADA (American Dental Association) website now has a Symptom Checker. Not only will it tell you the possible conditions but it also tells you if you should see a dentist or not.

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