These 5 Things Can Ruin Your Teeth

These 5 Things Can Ruin Your Teeth

Sensitive Teeth Englewood dentistsProbably the first thing we think of when it comes to food that ruins our teeth is candy. Right? That’s a no brainer. Another thing is soda, I mean the acids in soda just does a number on our teeth. But here are 5 surprising things that are ruining your teeth. This article orginally appeared in the Huffington Post, you can check it our here.

1. Juicing

Yep that’s right. Juicing can actually be bad for your teeth. This is because juices are packed full of sugars. This sugar is consumed by the bacteria in our mouths and converted into acid that wears away enamel and can cause cavities.

2. Chewable Vitamins

These good tasting little gummy vitamins aren’t much better than gummy candy, and they love to stick to your teeth, thus causing cavities. Try taking your vitamins in pill form and your teeth will thank you for it.

3. Barbecue Sauce

This sweet sugary sauce is like marinating your teeth in sugar. This can cause tooth discoloration and decay.

4. Dried Fruit

Some fresh fruits are actually good for your teeth, however, dried fruits never are. Dried fruit is packed with non-cellulose fiber, which traps sugar around your teeth.

5. White Wine

White wine eats away at your enamel and leaves teeth vulnerable to stains from other foods or drinks.

A couple of solutions: Eat cheese with your wine. It’s rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus, which can help buffer the acids. Or you can gargle with water after you’re done drinking wine which will help flush some of the acidity.