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20 Minute In-Office Teeth Whitening In Englewood Colorado

Who doesn’t want a more brighter smile? It boosts your confidence, makes you feel better about yourself and makes you want to smile more.

We offer a 20 minute in-office whitening! We use an LED accelerating light that activates the whitening ingredients in the gel, which enables you to get a brighter smile quicker. The pre-filled tray allows your jaw to remain relaxed for the duration of the Sinsational Mouth trays that hold the bleach. They are clear plastic that fits over your teeth. 20 minute in-office teeth whitening in Englewood Co.20 minute procedure. In addition to the 20 minute in-office whitening, you will receive a maintenance pen that you can take home. This pen will help you keep your teeth whiter, longer.

To find out more about this procedure, please take a look at our Sinsational Smiles page.

Here are three facts about whitening your teeth that you need to know:

1. Over-the-counter products can’t compare to professional whitening.

The reason why this is the case is because the bleaching agent in the professional whitening is much stronger than that in over-the-counter products. Over-the-counter products will work to some degree, but you will see so much more of a change if you see a professional.

2. There’s no pain associated with whitening your teeth.

This dental procedure is done without sedation or anesthetic because there is no pain with it.

3. Whitening your teeth is fast.

To have one treatment of teeth whitening takes only about an hour. And this comes with great results! Over-the-counter products will usually take days or weeks. Typically over-the-counter products won’t get you the same results as in-office.

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