Supplements That Have Oral Health Benefits

Supplements That Offer Oral Health Benefits

Vitamins, Tablets, Pills, Medicine, PharmaceuticalsAre you looking for some supplements that will help boost your oral health?

Did you know that both calcium and xylitol can offer you oral health benefits?

Calcium is a mineral that can help strengthen your bones and your teeth.

We mainly think of xylitol as a substitute for sugar, and it does make a great sweetener. In addition to that though, xylitol can help minimize plaque and salivary levels, which can help prevent cavities.

In addition to calcium and xylitol, other supplements that have oral health benefits are vitamins A, C and E.

Talk To Your Dentist About Supplements

Only about 30% of people will talk to their health care provider about the supplements they take. That means 70% of people are at risk for severe side affects. Some dietary supplements might interfere with the medications and also the treatments you receive from your dentist. Please be sure to inform your dentist as to the supplements you are taking so you can avoid severe interactions.