Save Your Smile!

If You Like Your Smile Then Save Your Smile!

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Do you want a smile like this?

Imagine this for a minute. You like your smile, you enjoy smiling and laughing. Then suddenly you lose one of your front teeth. Just think how much that would impact your life! You would no longer want to smile or talk, even eating would be difficult. Sure you can restore that tooth or teeth, but only after some pretty expensive visits to the dentist.

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Or a smile like this?

This scenario illustrates the importance of knowing how to prevent injuries to your mouth and acting on that knowledge. This is especially true if you participate in any form of contact sports.

Mouthguards can greatly reduce the risk of injuries to your mouth. There are three different types of mouthguards. It’s important to find one that works good for you. You can refer to our website for the different types and prices for each.

If you have braces or would like to know how best to care for your mouthguard, please refer to this article in