Oral Health and Diabetes

Blood sugar and oral healthRecent studies have suggested that some people with gum disease have a harder time keeping their blood sugar levels under control. However, people whose blood sugar is not well controlled might have trouble with gum disease. To read more about what gum disease is, please read our blog on “What Is Periodontal Disease?”.

The study goes on to say that if you have diabetes, you might be at higher risk of developing gum disease.

Thrush and Diabetes

If you have diabetes you also might be at a higher risk to develop thrush. Thrush can be painful and is quite often accompanied with a burning sensation. Talk to your dentist if you develop thrush, there are medications they can prescribe to help treat it.

Dry Mouth

Some people with diabetes also develop a condition called dry mouth. Our saliva is important because it keeps our mouth moist and reduces tooth decay. This is because our saliva coats our teeth in fluoride which in turn strengthens enamel. If you have dry mouth it can encourage the overgrowth of candida, which in turn may cause thrush to develop.

Improving Your Oral Health

One of the main ways to keep your mouth healthy is to maintain your blood sugar level and take care of your teeth and gums. We all know the drill, brush twice daily with a soft bristled tooth brush and use toothpaste that has fluoride in it, oh yeah, and don’t forget to floss! And one last thing, see your dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and a check up.