What You Need To Know About Root Canal Therapy

Tooth showing a root canal treatmentSo in our blog last week we discussed what a root canal. We also talked about what is root canal therapy and why people sometimes need it.

Today we will discuss what you might feel like after root canal therapy. Are there any potential complications and there any alternatives to root canal therapy?

How Will You Feel After Root Canal Therapy Treatment?

Because of the tissue inflammation, there may be some discomfort. Typically over-the-counter pain relievers is all you need to control the pain level. The pain usually subsides within a couple of days.

Are There Potential Complications?

Not very often, but sometimes, a new infection can occur. There’s different reasons this may occur, one reason is there was an undetected crack in the root of the tooth. If this happens then additional follow-up treatment might be necessary.

Are There Alternatives To Root Canal Therapy?

Dental BridgeYes there is an alternative to root canal therapy. Unfortunately it is the extraction of the infected tooth. If at all possible, it’s best to keep your original tooth. If the tooth is extracted it can cause the surrounding teeth to move. When this happens it might result in a bite that is off and could ultimately require an implant or bridge.

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