Mouth Healthy Snacks

Tis the season to be snacking and eating. Yep, that’s what most of us do this time of year. So rather than get down on yourself for eating or snacking on the wrong foods, here are some mouth healthy snacks for you.

  1. Healthy egg snowmenEgg Snowmen – These cute little snowmen are made with hard-boiled eggs, carrots and peppercorns. They’re so cute you probably won’t want to eat them. Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, carrots help to scrub your teeth clean because they are crunchy and full of water. Eating a snowman is a great choice for a mouth healthy snack, who would have thought it?
  2. Spinach Artichoke Frittata Trees – These adorable trees are full of milk, eggs and leafy greens. Making this a snack that is packed with calcium, VitaBlack olive penguinsmin D and minerals.
  3. Black Olive Penguins – Black olives, carrots and cream cheese, who couldn’t love these cuties!
  4. Cheesy Reindeer – A wedge of cheese and pretzels make these reindeer not only a cute snack but super easy!
  5. Pita Tree Appetizers – Pita, sour cream, guacamole, parsley, garlic and red bell pepper, with all these great ingredients these snacks are packed with Vitamin D. Vitamin D means strong bones and teeth.
  6. Grinch Poppers – Whoever thought fruit could look so cute?

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