What you should know about your baby’s pacifier

Baby with a pacifier - what to know about your baby's use of a pacificerPacifier’s are a very commonly used thing. They can calm and sooth your child during naps and when going to bed. Research has found that pacifiers can be a positive experience for your child, this is especially the case during the first six months of development. Did you know that studies show pacifier use in infants can help decrease the risk of sudden infant death syndrome? Pacifiers can also help with the development of jaw muscles.

If you want your child to use a pacifier it’s suggested to wait until the infant is one month old and has had sufficient time to develop a healthy breastfeeding habit. It’s recommended that children stop using pacifiers when they reach 2 years of age. Studies show that continued use, especially after age 2, is often associated with increased risk of middle ear infection. It can also have an affect on improper growth of the mouth, misalignment of teeth, dental cross bite and/or open bite and development of a thumb-sucking habit.

Some Tips for Correct Pacifier Use

Be sure to:

  • Purchase orthodonitcally designed pacifiers
  • Clean the pacifier regularly
  • Check often for cracks, tears and discoloration
  • Offer pacifiers after and between meals, at nap time and bedtime

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