Jaw Pain

What Causes Jaw Pain?

Tooth Pain Englewood dentistsThere are many different reasons you may be experiencing pain in your jaw. Most likely it’s because your jaw has become inflamed. Your jaw can become inflamed suddenly and it doesn’t take much for it to happen. For example, you may have bit down forcefully on hard food or sticky hard candy. Even a long dental appointment where you are required to keep your mouth open for a lengthy period of time can cause it to become inflamed. Not only can it cause pain, it can also alter the way your teeth fit together, which is usually temporary.

Recommended treatment is usually avoidance of hard and/or sticky foods. If you’ve just had a long dental appointment requiring your mouth to open for a lengthy period of time, try minimizing the jaw opening, you can also use anti-inflammatory medications that your dentist recommends. If the pain doesn’t go away in a few days, it may be something more serious, like bruxism or TMJ disfunction. In which case you need to call your dentist and set up an appointment.

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