How much Xylitol?

How Much Xylitol? What Are The Side Effects?

Healthy xylitol dental productsSo last week we talked about what xylitol is and how it works. This week I thought we would discuss how much xylitol should you have and if there’s side effects to it.

First of all let’s discuss how much xylitol. Try to use products that have xylitol at least four or five times throughout your day. Look for products that contain 100% xylitol. If you follow these guidelines you will get the most effective oral health benefits.

Is Xylitol Safe For Humans?

So is there side effects to xylitol. In short, no not if you consume the recommended levels. Xylitol is safe in the amounts you find in foods, gum and oral health products. If you consume too much xylitol the side effects can include diarrhea and intestinal gas.

Is Xylitol Safe For Your Pets?

Is xylitol safe for your pets? NO! It’s not good for any pet but can be extremely toxic in dogs and ferrets. The physical side effects on pets can include a sudden drop in blood sugar, liver failure, seizures, vomiting, lose coordination and even death. If your pet ingests xylitol, it’s extremely important to get it to your veterinary office immediately!