Goals For Better Teeth

It’s the time of year most people are thinking about goals, things they would like to accomplish in 2018. Why not set a goal to have better and healthier teeth.

Studies show that taking good care of our teeth and gums is directly related to our health. If we don’t regularly floss and brush our teeth it can lead to heart disease as well as other health conditions. So let’s make 2018 all about our teeth. Here are some healthy tips to take good care of your teeth.

Biting your nails break teeth


  1. Stop biting your nails – Biting your nails can lead to chipped teeth. It can also lead to jaw dysfunction if you place your jaw in a protruding position for too long.
  2. Don’t brush too hard – If you brush your teeth too hard it can actually damage your teeth and gums. Just a nice soft brush across your pearly whites is all you need.
  3. Stop grinding and or clenching – This too can crack or chip your teeth. The best solution is to get a nighttime mouthguard.
  4. Keep the ice in the water – Tooth enamel and ice are both crystals. When you rub two crystals against each other, on is going to break. All too often, it’s your teeth.
  5. Don't use your teeth as scissorsUse the proper tool – Your teeth weren’t made to be scissors or cutters of any kind, they’re also not made to hold things when your hands are full. They were made to eat, we suggest using only for what they were made for.

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