Are Cigars and E-Cigarettes Safe For Your Oral Health?

Are Cigars, Chewing Tobacco Or E-Cigarettes Safe For Your Oral Health?

E-cigarettes and your oral health.In our last post we talked about the impact cigarettes can have on your oral health. But the what about cigars, chewing tobacco or e-cigarettes, can they have an impact on your oral health as well?

Let’s first talk about cigars. Cigars have the same toxic and carcinogenic compounds that cigarettes do. So just as cigarettes increases your odds of getting oral cancer, lung cancer and esophageal cancers, so do cigars.

So what about chewing tobacco, can it affect your oral health? Yes! If you chew tobacco you are four to six times more likely to develop oral cancer, it also increases your risk for developing gum disease and gum recession.

Finally let’s discuss e-cigarettes, can they affect your oral health? Unfortunately, there isn’t much research on how e-cigarettes can affect your oral health. That being said, experts do acknowledge the nicotine inhalation that occurs while using an e-cigarette can increase the bacteria buildup in your mouth as well as causing tooth decay and dry mouth.

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