Allergic Reaction In The Dental Office

What is an allergic reaction?

Allergic reaction at the dental office.An allergic reaction is a sensitivity to a specific substance that comes into contact with your skin or is inhaled, swallowed or injected. An allergic reaction can range from mild to life threatening.

What causes an allergic reaction in the dental office?

A couple of things can cause an allergic reaction while you’re at the dental office. One might be latex. Latex is found in many dental supplies, for example, gloves, masks and syringes. If you are allergic to latex, ask your dentist if they have latex-safe products available for use during your procedure.

Another thing that can cause an allergic reaction is local anesthetic. This is what’s used to numb your mouth and gums. If you are allergic to local anesthesia, let your dentist know before you start your treatment. Your dentist can find alternative ways to anesthetize you to prevent any allergic reactions.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction

If you are having an allergic reaction the symptoms can range from itchy and swollen eyes, sneezing and skin rash to mouth and throat swelling, difficulty in swallowing or speaking, heart rate change, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, sudden feeling of weakness and unconsciousness.

If you know you have allergies, be sure to tell your dentist and the dental staff. Remember, you can never tell too many people. You also might want to consider carrying an EpiPen. If you have a severe allergic reaction after going to the dentist, you should go immediately to the emergency room.